Use Sweet Potato Extract for Diabetes Along with Coffee and Ginkgo

A Japanese sweet potato extract from the Ipomoea batatas plant may cure diabetes, adding to other recent research showing blood sugar reducing benefits from coffee, the gingko tree, and nuts. Diabetes is at epidemic proportions but traditional medicine has used plants to treat this condition worldwide. Using sweet potato extract for diabetes has shown to be […]

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Vitamin E Grows Hair

Vitamin E grows hair. Vitamin E is a vital nutrient known mainly for its benefits to heart health. But vitamin E has many other properties that maintain health and has long been used both internally and externally. Vitamin E has been shown to help with the growth of hair as well as preventing hair loss. […]

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Take L-Tryptophan for Sleep and to Reduce Stress

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Taking L-tryptophan for sleep has been shown to also reduce stress. Tryptophan is is an essential amino acid that helps improve sleep and reduce stress. It acts as a precursor to many neurotransmitters and neurochemicals, including serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin is known to help improve sleep, and serotonin is needed to improve mood and mental […]

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Natural Skin Care is Right at Home

  Natural skin care begins at home. Healthy skin reflects outer beauty and inner health. Treat your skin from both inside and out to create a radiant glowing complexion. Internally, you can feed your skin by nutrition and lifestyle changes. External treatments protect the skin from damage, replenish moisture and nutrients.Skin elasticityThe skin is made […]

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Natural cold and flu remedies can be found in your kitchen cabinets

Natural cold and flu remedies can be found in your home. Though there are no known cures for the common cold,, your kitchen cabinets are likely stocked with many ingredients that can help relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. LEMONS: Lemons are one of the great natural cold and flu remedies. They can be used […]

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Dogs Benefit from Vitamins, Too

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Dogs benefit from vitamins as do human, and many pet owners are jumping on the doggie nutrition bandwagon. Sales of pet nutritional supplements in the United States increased by seven percent in 2009, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Sales of human nutritional products increased as well but only by six percent. A few nutrients are known […]

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Purple Foods Promote Health and Anti-Aging

Purple fruits and vegetables, including acai and blueberries, contain important nutrients that have shown many health benefits including anti-aging. These purple antioxidants, called anthocyanins, have been shown to protect the heart and vision, promote mental focus, and prevent oxidative stress. Resveratrol is another fat-soluble compound found in some purple foods, such as grapes, red wine, […]

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